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Summer is just about over and Autumn starts September 22nd!

September is Self-Improvement Month, which includes your skin, body, mental state or lifestyle.

We start the month honoring you on Labor Day (Sept. 4th). Take an extra day of rest or schedule that last summer trip! But remember, don’t let life pass you by. Connect with and learn from your elders on Grandparents Day (Sept. 10th).

Need some motivation? Look to the stars! Discover what’s trendy during

New York Fashion Week (Sept. 7th – 14th). A few days later, check out what television’s best are doing and wearing at the Emmy Awards (Sept. 17th). Which hairstyle or outfit will have social media buzzing or have you running out to the store the next day?

Of course, remember to protect your skin from the September sun. Stop in and see us at Original You for the best products.

Check out all the wonderful promotions we have in this month’s e-zine!

We wish you a happy and productive September from all of us here at 

Original You!


You can do something about it!

It’s the perfect time to rid yourself of that tattoo you've been regretting for years!

In addition to Tattoo Removal services, we also utilize The Describe® Patch, a single-use optical clearing device used during Laser Tattoo removal that allows a tattoo to be treated in less sessions!


Act NOW by reserving a Tattoo
Removal appointment today!

 Purchase a package of Five (5)

Tattoo Removal sessions

and receive a 10% DISCOUNT!

Purchase a package of Ten (10)

Tattoo Removal sessions

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 Purchase One (1) Describe Patch

& Local Anesthetic and SAVE $25!


Want to have soft, silky skin and ditch

your shaver forever? You can!

 Prepay for the year on the

Elite Laser Hair Removal Membership


 the Trio Laser Hair Removal Membership

and receive TWO (2) months FREE! 

Love The Skin You’re In!


Are you noticing more wrinkles, sun damage 

or loose and sagging skin lately?

 Then DERMALINFUSION is the perfect solution for you!

This advanced, non-invasive skin-resurfacing treatment will address

a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head-to-toe.

DERMALINFUSION will improve your skin’s health, function

and appearance! It’s suitable for all skin types and skin tones.



Purchase One (1) Dermal Infusion Treatment for ONLY $175



Purchase a package of Three (3) Dermal Infusion Treatments for ONLY $450 and receive a FREE Stemology product sample!


If you don’t want to live with unwanted hair, you must take a stand against it!

At Original You, laser hair reduction is fast. It’s easy. And it’s affordable.

Original You offers the most effective laser hair removal treatments with the least amount of discomfort. And there’s peace of mind as all treatments are physician-supervised.

Why be unhappy with shaving, tweezing or waxing as your options for removing unwanted hair?

With lasers, you can remove unwanted hair from so many areas: the face, leg, arm, underarm and bikini line.

Laser hair removal’s benefits includes precision, speed and predictability.

Once you are done with your treatments, relax. While there’s no guarantee to remove 100 percent of your unwanted hair, your prickly woes will be gone for awhile. And those few stragglers are barely noticeable.

So, if you want to look and feel better than ever before, contact Original You for a free consultation and reserve your treatment today!


As Fall approaches, we typically visualize bowls of heavy, warm comfort food and sweet treats. But, as we transition to a new season, our bodies really need to be cleansed – a.k.a. detoxed. This tasty, crunchy Arugula salad contains cleansing seasonal vegetables, dried fruit and is mixed with nutrition-packed pumpkin seeds and walnuts to create a satisfying meal loaded with vitamins and minerals. Head on down to your local farmers market today and pick up these fresh ingredients to create this delicious detox salad!


See you soon at Original You!

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